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My Dreams Have Spoken... I'm a Mess!

In honour of last night’s Supermoon that peaked in Libra (symbolized by the scales), I went to bed with the intention to dream of the areas of my life that need more balance, yet upon waking this morning I had little recall of my dreams. I do, however, remember a small scene from one of them that I'd like to share with you. This small portion of a much bigger dream offers me a ton of guidance. This is one of the many amazing parts about dreams and dreamwork - you don’t need a big elaborate dream to reap the benefits, there are lessons to be learned and guidance to unveil in any dream, no matter how big or small!

So, let's dive in...!

In my dream… I am walking through my house. Every room I enter, I notice a bed I hadn’t noticed before, tucked away in a corner. In order to get to the bed I need to walk through a messy floor. I am trying to decide which room I should call my own but at the moment no where feels comfortable.


What lesson could this dream be giving me?

This dream is showing me the current imbalance between my mind and body, and the effect it is having on my environment.

“Every room I enter, I notice a bed I hadn’t noticed before, tucked away in a corner.”

To understand this part of the dream, I need to ask myself, what does a bed represent to me? As an advocate for sleep and dreaming, my bed represents health, well-being, and of course sleep and dreaming. My bed is a place of creativity, accomplishment, and inspiration. So why would this important part of myself be tucked away in a corner? Well, lately I have been so focused on work that I have neglected the part of me that is most important. The part of me that makes me whole and the part of me that brings me comfort. My dream is showing me that this part of myself is with me wherever I go, but currently, I have it tucked away in the shadows and far from my immediate reach.

“In order to get to the bed I need to walk through a messy floor.”

This part of the dream is showing me that my psyche wants to access the part of me that represents creation, inspiration, health and well-being — it wants to start dreaming again — but it’s having trouble getting there through all of the mess. The messy floor represents my state of mind. My mental overload has caused me to neglect my dreams because I simply don’t have the capacity to take in any more information right now. It is for these reasons that I have asked my dreams to slow down but my psyche is telling me it's time to clean-up and start dreaming again!

“I am trying to decide which room I should call my own but at the moment no where feels comfortable.”

This statement alone, not only represents the confusion and lack of comfort I feel in my own body and environment, but the overwhelming confusion, and sometimes doubt, that I feel as I put myself out there as a dreamworker. The world of dreaming is such a vast topic to educate others on. I’m still trying to figure out where I belong and the best way to represent me and my work. You may not understand how I can gain so much perspective from a single sentence but when I hear it, it clicks! This simple sentence sum’s up a huge emotional concern for me and gives me the perspective I need to move on.

Now I must ask myself: What lesson is my dream sharing with me? How do I access this part of myself again?

The answer is quite simple; I need to start tidying up my mind in order to maintain balance. The further I get lost in my mind, the further I lose touch with my body, and the further I lose touch with my dreams, my creativity, and my health and well-being.

… it’s the doing that is hard! That's why it's so important to create an action plan or action step for every dream you work on. Your action plan is a way for you to honour your dream. It's a way to let your psyche and your dream maker know; “I’ve heard you, I’ve listened, and I’m ready to grow.”

I am a big believer that our environment will effect our overall well-being and vice versa: a messy house means a messy mind, and a messy mind means a messy house. That's why my action plan for the next week is to work towards clearing the stagnant energy that surrounds me by tidying my environment. I will also sit down and make a to-do list that I can slowly work away at, and begin to clear my mental mess. These small, but big steps, will help me to be more present so I can move out of my mind and back into my body.


Are you interested in knowing about the lessons and guidance your dreams share with you? You’ve come to the right place! As a Certified Dreamwork Professional I am trained to help others understand the meaning behind their nighttime dreams... and boy do I love it! I currently offer 15 min free consultations as well as 60 min Individual Dreamwork Sessions. Click here to book your session!

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