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"Dreaming is more than just

phenomenon, it is a quality of life!"


I started this journey like most people - with a dream, a dream that led me to the Institute for Dream Studies where I became a Certified Dreamwork Professional. My name is Guylaine Richer de Lafleche and I have been studying my own dreams for seven years now. Over the years I have participated in various dream groups, and have paid close attention to the scientific, psychological, and spiritual elements that make up our nocturnal adventures. I have experienced first hand that we have the ability to communicate with our higher selves and that what happens beyond shut-eye can influence us in our everyday lives. 

My purpose as a dream-worker is to guide others on a journey of self-discovery and intuitive development through the understanding of their dreams, helping them to balance the mind-body connection in their inner and outer worlds. I believe all three elements (scientific, psychological, and spiritual) play an important role in interpreting and understanding the language of dreams and are integral to our intuitive growth. Through dreams, and dreamwork techniques, my clients will learn how to lovingly accept and claim their unique and authentic nature, helping them to live their life to its fullest potential.

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