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A Moment for Clarity: Dropping into the Present Moment to Achieve Lucidity

How often do you find yourself in a dream where the setting feels like one place but has elements of another? For me, this happens quite often, and I was reminded of that on a special day at the beach.

I felt like I was in two places at once. The light blue water brought back memories of my time with the South China Sea. Looking out at the water, I was able to place myself back there, but then, I turn around to sand dunes lined with pine trees and I’m reminded I’m in Canada.

In dream language, these two settings coming together are meaningful and symbolic and are a great opportunity to explore the connections between these two periods of my life. But moments like these are also special opportunities to practice lucidity, both in dream and waking life. It can be so easy to lose the present moment when we let our memories and associations take over and determine our experience — perhaps you’re reminded of a negative experience that sets you off emotionally, or maybe you’re reminded of a positive experience that leaves you wishing for more.

Living in the present moment is one of the most important tools in achieving lucidity. Clear your mind, drop into the present moment, and remind yourself where you are right now... now take a moment to feel all that this space has to offer. If you can get this down, you’re in a very good place to get lucid in your dreams!

Happy Dreaming!

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