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Limiting Beliefs

Throughout our lives, our parents, teachers, friends, and other mentors pass along their own set of belief’s to help us learn. These can be as simple as what we should or shouldn’t eat or as influential as how to react in a moment of anger or fear. Generally, these belief systems are appropriate to our growth but as we mature they may need some re-examining.

Limiting beliefs can also stem from our insecurities and are those which inhibit our growth. These types of beliefs are often how we self-identify, such as, “I’m not creative enough to make art” or "I’m not talented enough to play music.” These limiting beliefs simply aren't true but over the years we’ve become so dedicated to justifying them, that our mind is now programmed to believe them. More often than not, these types of limiting beliefs stem from fear and judgement. They discourage us from pursuing the goals we aspire to achieve which then restrains us from living our most authentic life.

Even when a limiting belief doesn’t serve us purpose, we fear to let it go. It’s a lot easier, and certainly more comfortable, to convince ourselves we’re not good enough to accomplish what we desire - which is why we must never underestimate the power of the mind!

Limiting beliefs need time to be assessed in order to establish new beliefs that are more beneficial to you and your life. The good news is, your dreams are here to help you in this process. In fact, I am positive your dreams are already offering you the guidance you need to move towards a new and healthier way of thinking! Click here to read about a dream of mine that helped me to overcome one of my limiting beliefs.

Can you think of a belief that limits you from living your life to its fullest potential? Please share your experiences with me in the comments below!

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