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A Dream Within a Dream: Finding Inspiration to Connect with Your Creative Self

Working with a dream isn't about “cracking the code.” Sometimes, the most powerful dreamwork is done when we move beyond the boundaries of the dream and into our imaginations where the possibilities are endless. This can be done through whatever inspires you — writing, drawing, painting, dancing, and so on!

For this particular dream, I found my inspiration in Tzivia Gover’s, Dreaming On The Page, writing workshop. Tzivia asked us to tell a story from the perspective of a character from our dreams — I chose the perspective of an injured Golden Eagle. Using my imagination and various writing prompts, I created a dream within a dream and was able to connect more deeply with the Golden Eagle.

In my dream,

I’m horrified when I see a badly injured golden eagle laying on the rocks of a lake. I assume he’s dead but upon closer look, I see he’s just barely alive. He’s missing most of his feathers, leaving his skin exposed and torn. It looks very painful. I decide I’ll nurse him back to health. I place him flat on his back in a box. Shortly after, I see he’s gradually coming back to life. The eagle moves in closer and kisses me on my face with his tongue. I realize, this eagle is here for me just as much as I’m here for him.

From the Eyes of the Eagle:

Our kind have been killed mercilessly for generations because it was thought that we killed too many lambs, the result of many senseless deaths. Flash forward to the year 3052 when we discovered it was the Aliens killing the lambs all along. Supposedly, lambs are a delicacy in Alien culture. The taste of their fluffy hair mixed in with their blood — the Alien’s go crazy for it.

I remember the night we happened upon this discovery. It was late spring, right after the lambs were born. Farmers placed their lambs in a box in the middle of their fields, late at night, while the humans hid in the trees with their guns, ready for their attack. Suddenly, a bright light came down from the sky lifting the lambs right off their feet and hovering them in space. Nobody could believe their eyes, not even I. Rumours were circulating that the farmers and hunters were too drunk to know any better — it didn’t help that a few of them died that night falling from the trees in shock.

That was 20 years ago but still, we are victims of the rumours. Now I’m left on a rock, skin exposed and torn — surrendering to the pain and ready to pass. I feel the water rush in and out as it sends a wave of pain through my body. I’m tense when I see a human coming toward me. She rests me in a box flat on my back, vulnerable like the lambs, only this time, I sense I’m in good hands.

I always cherish the moments when eagles appear to me, both in waking life and dream, because I know they come to me when I’m in need of Eagle Medicine the most. However, my dream is telling me that I’m neglecting my eagle guide to the point of despair. I must ask myself, what part of me is carelessly harming the eagle within? What part of me is the farmer, and what part of me is the lamb?

Finding inspiration from your dreams to let your imagination play is not only fun but is a surefire way to connect with your creative self. This exercise encouraged me to drop into the present moment and tap into the dreamer in me just as my dream came from my higher self, so did the images and the story I had to tell... you could say, I was daydreaming!


Do you have a dream that you’ve been wanting to connect more deeply with but aren’t sure how? An Individual Dreamwork Session might be for you! I offer 60 min Individual Dreamwork Sessions, where together we will explore your dream through your personal associations and interpretations of the various themes present, such as the setting, characters, colours, emotions, metaphors, signs and symbols.


If you’re interested in participating in

Tzivia’s workshop, Dreaming On The Page, please visit:

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