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Reality Check: Is This Real Life?

Life feels pretty surreal these days as we adjust to our “new normal.” Some days I need to remind myself there is a global crisis, other days it’s all I can think about.

The other morning I woke up with a laugh, and a slight feeling of disappointment, after a vivid and bizarre dream where my dream Ego intentionally stopped me from becoming lucid…

In my dream, I am looking out my window at a blue summer sky. Among the clouds I see fire trucks with wings, flying around. I feel myself sinking into a heightened state of awareness and take this opportunity to do a reality check. I ask myself, “am I dreaming?” I reply, “no, I’m not… this is real life!” I ask myself once more just to be sure, but again, I confidently reassure myself this is real and not a dream. Gradually my consciousness shifts back to my dream state and my opportunity to achieve lucidity is gone.

The state of the world right now has me constantly associating reality to a dream and vice versa... it’s no wonder my reality checks are just as confused! This experience tells me that even now, amid isolation where the days feel slow and mundane, is a perfect time as any to be practising reality checks... if not more!

Has your dream Ego ever blocked you from becoming lucid? Please share your experiences with me in the comments below!


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