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It's Official, Spring Has Sprung!

I always feel so confused this time of year with the official start of spring falling during one of the most turbulent months. March is always a mystery this side of the world where the weather has multiple personalities on any given day - just the other day it was snowing! However, on the night of the Spring Equinox, my dreams reminded me of the beauty of this time of year.

During this particular dream, my subconscious treated me to a beautiful scene of spring right inside my home...

In my dream, I place an egg on a table next to a sunny window. I notice a small hole in the egg with cracks around it, then another and another. Suddenly the egg bursts open, and to my amazement, two tiny vases of beautiful flowers emerge. They are picture-perfect — delicate, soft and in pristine condition. I carefully place them next to the window with the rest of my flower arrangements. I step back to admire my creation. I think of how beautiful it looks with the sun washing over the table in a dreamy haze.

I’m in love.

After days of feeling fatigued and unmotivated, my dreams gave me exactly what I needed most - a reminder of the sunnier days ahead. Upon waking from this dream I felt refreshed and energized, and was inspired to ask myself… in what ways can I break out of my shell and create something beautiful?

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